3 Armbars From Full Guard

BJJ Champion Fabio Da Mata from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 3 Armbars From Full Guard!

5 Sweeps From Closed Guard

The closed guard is one of the most popular and highly utilized guards in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s popularity is due to its versatility, there are plenty of submission and sweep opportunities available from this position, in addition to being a sound defensive position. In this video, 2x BJJ World Champion…

Arm Bar From Closed Guard

From the closed guard position there are a wide range of submission attacks and sweeps. The arm bar is one of the most effective submissions. In this video, Submission Grappling World Champion Bruno Pucci teaches an arm bar from closed guard.

Full Guard To Back Control Transition

From the full guard position you can work for submissions and sweeps. You must also defend against the opponent’s guard passes. There are also techniques to take the opponent’s back. In this video, BJJ World Champion Leandro Ataides teaches a transition from full guard to back control.