Master Courses

Evolve University’s Master Courses are in-depth instructional courses that break down the style of our World Champions. For a one-time payment, you get lifetime access to over 6 hours of exclusive content.

In each Master Course, we feature one of our World Champions who unveils the secrets underlying all aspects of his/her fighting style. No detail is spared as our World Champions break down their techniques, explain their strategies and tactics, share mistakes borne through personal experience and demonstrate drills from their very own training routine.

If you are interested in learning the fighting styles of our legendary fighters and bringing your techniques to the next level, our Master Courses are for you.

Now available at special launch prices, but for a limited period only. Browse our Master Courses below!

Muay Thai

Power And Precision
Speed And Deception
The Art Of Muay Thai


The Art Of Boxing

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Art Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu