5 Spider Guard Submissions

The Spider Guard involves gripping an opponent’s wrists or sleeves, and placing at least one of your feet on at least one of your opponents arms. The ball of your foot should be placed against your opponents bicep. This will give you control over your opponents posture, and give you the…

Calf Lock From Spider Guard

Leg locks are some of the most advanced submission attacks in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Generally, they are secured from the bottom position. In this video, you will learn a calf lock submission from the spider guard.

Omoplata From Lasso Spider Guard

The omoplata is a submission technique that uses the legs to trap the opponent’s arm in a shoulder lock. This technique works well in combination with other submissions, and can also be used to sweep. In this lesson, BJJ World Champion Zorobabel Moreira demonstrates an advanced entry into the omoplata…

Triangle Choke From Spider Guard

The triangle choke is a versatile submission hold that can be applied from many positions. It also combines well with other submissions such as the omoplata and arm bar. In this video, BJJ No Gi World Champion Bruno Pucci demonstrates a triangle choke submission from the spider guard.