Top 8 Muay Thai Elbow Knockouts In ONE Championship History

Top 8 Muay Thai Elbow Knockouts In ONE Championship History
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Muay Thai is arguably the first martial art to allow elbows in competitions, and most mixed martial arts promotions allow their use. Elbows are a short-range weapon, but their effect is often devastating when they land. They are a safer weapon than your brittle hands since thick bones protect them. 

This article will go over some of the most memorable elbow knockouts in the history of ONE Championship’s Muay Thai and mixed martial arts divisions.


Eight Best Elbow Finishes In ONE Championship History

Ready for some fantastic elbow finishes? Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive elbow finishes in ONE Championship history:


1) Sam-A Gaiyanghadao vs. Sergio Wielzen

Gaiyanghadao was already a Muay Thai legend coming into his showdown with “Samurai.” He lived up to his reputation when the two collided at ONE: UNSTOPPABLE DREAMS. The inaugural ONE Flyweight Muay Thai Championship was on the line when the two met. 

Gaiyanghadao scored his first knockdown of the fight in the fourth round, sending Wielzen to the canvas with a powerful elbow as he tried to enter the clinch. Wielzen got back to his feet and shook it off, and Gaiyanghadao took his time picking him apart before sending him back to the canvas with a barrage of left and right elbows that sealed the deal. 


2) Sagetdao “Deadly Star” Petpayathai vs. Mahmoud Mohamed

Sagetdao came into the world of mixed martial arts as a decorated Muay Thai fighter, and his striking has been just as effective inside the cage. Sagetdao squared off against Mahmoud Mohamed at ONE CHAMPIONSHIP SHANGHAI.

To no one’s surprise, Mohamed tried to implement a grappling heavy strategy against the decorated Muay Thai specialist, but Sagetdao defended effectively and ended up in the clinch. That’s one of the worst places you can find yourself when going against a Muay Thai fighter. 

Sagetdao connected with a devastating left elbow from the clinch, but Mahmoud was able to fight his way back to his feet. Sagetdao jumped all over him and trapped him against the cage before ending the fight with a series of devastating elbows. 


3) Amir Khan vs. Waqar Umar

Amir Khan already had a solid reputation as one of the most ferocious strikers on ONE Championship’s roster heading into his contest with Umar. The two collided at the appropriately titled ONE: BATTLE of LIONS. 

The fight didn’t last long, as Khan only needed 84 seconds to put Umar away. Khan controlled the pace of the action from the opening bell, and Umar quickly found himself trapped in the clinch. Khan softened him up with some hard knees to the body before firing off two consecutive right elbows to Umar’s temple, leaving him unconscious. 


4) Petchmorakot Petchyindee vs. Liam “Hitman” Harrison

Harrison got off to a solid start when these two faced off at ONE: DESTINY OF CHAMPIONS, but Petchyindee turned things around during the second round. He established his jab early in the round and used it to open up Harrison’s defense. 

With Harrison more focused on protecting the front of his face from jabs, Petchyindee switched things up by throwing a powerful left elbow into Harrison’s temple. The elbow sent Harrison to the canvas, and he could not beat the referee’s count, despite his valiant attempt to get back to his feet. 


5) Keanu Subba vs. Florian Garel

Subba couldn’t have been more impressive during his ONE Championship debut when he squared off against Garel. The two collided on the ONE: TIGERS OF ASIA fight card in 2015. Garel was a game opponent, and he tried to take Subba down and dominate him from top position. 

However, Subba was the one who ended up in a dominant position on the ground, and he quickly worked his way into the mount position. He opened Garel’s defense with some punches before putting him away with a barrage of powerful elbows. 


6) Brown Pinas vs. Yohann Fairtex

Yohann came out aggressively when these two squared off at ONE: WARRIOR’S DREAM, but Pinas’ chin held up, and he remained composed throughout the onslaught. Fairtex seemed to be getting the better of the striking exchanges, but he became careless as his confidence grew. 

Yohann became more predictable as the fight went on, and Pinas used the opportunity to counter one of his jabs with a spinning elbow that landed flush. That sent Yohann to the canvas, bringing the contest to an end during the second round. 


7) Liam Harrison vs. Mohammed bin Mahmoud

Harrison secured his first victory in the ONE Super Series with an impressive outing against Mahmoud. Their showdown took place at ONE: A NEW TOMORROW, and Harrison took control of the action right from the start. 

He closed the distance and pinned Mahmoud to the ropes before sending him to the canvas with a left hook early in the contest. Mahmoud’s chin held up, and he was able to beat the referee’s count. Harrison continued his onslaught, sending Mahmoud back to the canvas with a salvo of elbows. 

Mahmoud still wasn’t done, and he got back up again. Harrison was determined to get the finish, and he swarmed Mahmoud again with a barrage of elbows that finally brought the contest to an end. 


8) Yukinori Ogasawara vs. Rui Botelho

Ogasawara earned one of the most impressive finishes of his career when he collided with Botelho. Botelho was a former European kickboxing champion coming into the contest, and that was apparent during the opening round. 

Botelho used his expertise to counter Ogasawara’s long frame by forcing him to fight in the pocket. Ogasawara couldn’t figure out how to keep Botelho off him during the first round and the opening moments of the second round. 

Botelho continued to get the better of the striking exchanges during the second round, but Ogasawara had a better read of what was going on. He baited Botelho to come forward aggressively, then used his momentum against him by throwing a spinning back elbow that landed flush, scoring him the come-from-behind finish. 


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