Safe Clinch From Cruzado Tani Otoshi

Defend against an attacker intent on striking you by closing the distance. Closing the gap between you and your opponent makes it difficult for them to punch or kick you. BJJ No Gi World Champion Takeo Tani teaches how to block a punch from the opponent’s strong hand, close the…

Pendulum Sweep

From the guard position, skillful movement of the hips can be used effectively to generate momentum and unbalance your opponent, allowing you to sweep. By sweeping your opponent to their back and improving your position you increase the number of attacks available to you and decrease the number of options…

Defense Against Double Ankle Grab Sweep

From a top position, it is important that you prevent your opponent from sweeping you to your back, as being swept will reduce your positional advantage over your opponent. In this lesson, BJJ No Gi World Champion Takeo Tani teaches a defense against the double ankle grab sweep.

Defense Against Standing Rear Choke

An attacker stands behind you and grabs you in a rear choke hold. In this lesson, BJJ No Gi World Champion Takeo Tani teaches an efficient method to defend against this dangerous choke and apply a forward throw to force the opponent out of their advantageous position behind you.

Front Lapel Stranglehold

The collar choke involves manipulating the jacket or gi collar as a method for making an opponent submit. It will render a person unconscious if the choke is not released. In this lesson, BJJ World Champion Takeo Tani demonstrates how to apply the collar choke from the mount position.