5 Superman Punch KO Combinations

To throw a superman punch, lift your rear knee up in front of your belly, feigning as if you are going to throw a teep kick. This will distract your opponent as they focus on the leg, then quickly swing your raised leg down and back, use the momentum to…

5 Advanced Slide Back Defense And Counterattack Combinations

Slide back defense is one of the easiest ways to defend a kick. When done correctly this technique allows for you to counterattack quickly. When your opponent throws a strike, step back quickly out of the way so that your opponent misses their target. As soon as you step back…

4 Superman Punch Combinations

The superman punch can catch an opponent by surprise and can sometimes end a fight instantly. This strike gives an opponent the false impression that you are throwing a kick with your rear leg, which distracts them from the oncoming punch. To do this move, bring your rear leg forward before pulling…

3 Knee Bars From Half Guard

The purpose of a knee bar is to hyperextend the knee. This is accomplished by trapping your opponent’s leg in between your legs, and securing it with your arms so that your opponent’s kneecap is pointing towards your body. You then apply pressure with your hips to hyperextend the knee. In this video, BJJ…

How To Do A Heel Hook

The heel hook is one of the most dangerous submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is widely utilized in competition no-gi BJJ. It is done by controlling the hip/knee, as well as the foot. This move applies torque to the ankle, and can result in serious ligament and joint damage if…

4 Arm Locks From The Turtle Position

The turtle position is common defensive position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this video, BJJ World Champion Jucimar Eller from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 4 different ways to submit an opponent with an arm lock from this position.

5 Submissions From Side Control Using The Lapel

Multiple-time BJJ World Champion Abraao Falcao from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 5 submissions from side control using the lapel.

5 Sweeps From Worm Guard

The worm guard is one of modern Jiu-Jitsu’s most popular positions. It involves utilizing an opponents lapel and wrapping it around your own shin. In this video, BJJ Champion Valdir Rodrigues from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 5 sweeps from from worm guard.

3 Reverse Up Elbow Combinations For Muay Thai

The reverse up elbow is an advanced Muay Thai technique which is best thrown at the end of a combination. The strikes in the combination distract an opponent from the devastating incoming blow and can catch them by surprise, often with resulting in a cut or knockout. In this video,…

4 Flying Elbow Combinations For Muay Thai

The flying elbow is one of deadliest weapons in a Muay Thai fighters arsenal. This flashy technique, when used correctly, has the power to seriously injure or knockout one’s opponent. In this video, Muay Thai World Champion Kwankhao Mor. Rattanabandit from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 4 devastating flying elbow…

5 Question Mark Kick Combinations For Muay Thai

The question mark kick often catches people by surprise as it has the appearance of being a low kick, then changes trajectory mid strike and transitions to a high kick. To throw this strike start the motion of a leg kick, but delay the rotation of your hips, rather than…

5 Spinning Back Elbow Combinations For Muay Thai

The spinning back elbow is a devastating strike that often catches an opponent by surprise and can end a fight instantly when it lands clean. This technique requires excellent timing and is best thrown as the last strike at the end of a combination, or after a feint. In this…

5 Leg Catch & Counterattack Combinations

The leg catch is a commonly used defense against kicks. When an opponent throws a kick, you sidestep away from the incoming kick to lessen the force of the blow while simultaneously catching the leg with both hands. This allows you to control your opponents body and gives you the ability…

Arm Bar From Turtle Position

The top turtle position is a dominant position in MMA.  Once you have secured the turtle position, you can land powerful strikes and attack for submissions.  In this video, ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki teaches an arm bar from the turtle position.

Salto Throw From Double Overhooks To Step Around

The salto throw is a high level upper body throw that can be used to bring an opponent to their back.  In this video, US Olympic wrestler Heath Sims teaches a salto throw from double overhooks.

X Block Defense & Counterattack

A good defense is often where a good offensive attack starts.  When your opponent attacks, he or she will be vulnerable to counterattacks. You must be able to defend the attack and quickly transition into an offensive counterattack.  In this video, multiple time Muay Thai World Champion Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn teaches…

3 Cartwheel Kick Combinations

The cartwheel kick is one of the flashiest techniques in Muay Thai.  Although it is a very difficult technique to master, it can be highly effective when utilised correctly.  Muay Thai legend Saenchai is famous for his use of the cartwheel kick.  In this video, multiple time Muay Thai World…

Closed Guard Defense To Omoplata And Triangle Lock Finish

From the closed guard position in MMA, the first objective is to defend yourself from the opponent’s ground and pound.  Once you have closed off your opponent’s attacks, you can begin to attack for submissions.  In this video, UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael dos Anjos teaches closed guard defense and…

Superman Punch With Flying Knee

The Superman punch is one of the most spectacular punches in MMA.  It can be used in combination with other techniques to score highlight reel KO’s.  In this video, UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael dos Anjos teaches a Superman punch and flying knee combination.

Americana To Arm Bar From Full Mount

The full mount is one of the most dominant positions in MMA.  In order to finish the fight from the full mount position, you must be able transition between submission attacks.  In this video, UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael dos Anjos teaches a transition from Americana to arm bar.

4 Jumping Knee & Elbow Combinations

When set up correctly, the jumping knee and elbow can be two of the most devastating techniques in Muay Thai.  In this video, multiple time Muay Thai World Champion Sagetdao Petpayathai teaches 4 of his favourite setups for the jumping knee and elbow.

3 Head Kick Setups

Landing a head kick requires a high level of skill and knowledge.  A well placed head kick will often result in a highlight reel knockout.  In this video, multiple time Muay Thai World Champion Penek Sitnumnoi teaches his 3 favourite setups for the head kick.

3 Submissions From Rubber Guard

The rubber guard is one of the most innovative and modern guards in submission grappling.  It requires a great deal of flexibility to execute properly.  ONE Lightweight World Champion Shinya Aoki is one of the world’s most renowned rubber guard practitioners.  In this video, Shinya Aoki teaches 3 submissions from…

3 Muay Thai Sweeps With Saenchai

Saenchai is widely considered to be one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in history.  In this video, Saenchai teaches 3 of his favourite Muay Thai sweeps.