Calf Slicer

The calf slicer is a compression lock submission that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the opponent’s calf muscle.  In this video, BJJ World Champion and ONE Championship superstar Herbert Burns teaches a calf slicer submission.

Triangle Lock To Neck Crank Transition

The triangle lock is one of the most effective submissions in submission grappling. There are a wide range of setups and transitions that can be used to finish the fight with the triangle lock. In this video, BJJ World Champion Leandro Ataides teaches a triangle lock to neck crank transition.

Foot Lock From Single Leg Defense

Takedowns and takedown defense are critical skill sets in submission grappling. By controlling takedowns, you are able to determine whether you will attack from the top or bottom position.  In this video, BJJ World Champion Herbert Burns teaches a transition from single leg takedown defense to a foot lock submission.

4 Arm Locks From The Turtle Position

The turtle position is common defensive position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this video, BJJ World Champion Jucimar Eller from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates 4 different ways to submit an opponent with an arm lock from this position.

How To Do A Heel Hook

The heel hook is one of the most dangerous submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is widely utilized in competition no-gi BJJ. It is done by controlling the hip/knee, as well as the foot. This move applies torque to the ankle, and can result in serious ligament and joint damage if…