Counter Choke From Kimura

On the higher levels of BJJ, in order to secure a submission often requires a number of transitions.  It is hard to finish an opponent with strong defense on your first attack.  You have to be able to quickly move to a second, third, or even fourth attack.  In this…

Kimura From Half Guard Variation

The Kimura lock is one of BJJ’s most popular submissions. It is a highly effective submission that can be secured using a wide range of setups from a variety of positions. In this video, BJJ Champion Gamal Hassan teaches a kimura from the half guard position.

Choke From Kimura Control

The kimura lock can be combined easily with other submissions, and can also be used as an effective method for controlling your opponent from various positions. In this video, BJJ No Gi World Champion Bruno Pucci demonstrates a choke submission from kimura control.

Passing The De La Riva Guard To Kimura Lock

The De La Riva guard is a form of open guard that is predominantly used in the gi to sweep a standing opponent. The specific position of the legs also opens up a number of leg lock submissions. In this video, BJJ No Gi World Champion Bruno Pucci teaches a…