Here Is Why The Muay Femur Style Is The Most Respected Style

Here Is Why The Muay Femur Style Is The Most Respected Style
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Muay Thai is an impressive sport with a diverse assortment of fighting styles represented within it. All Muay Thai athletes learn the same various strikes in the Art of 8 Limbs, followed by defensive moves, clinch work, sweeps, and footwork. How each individual athlete applies those concepts, however, varies greatly. 

Some fighters tend to gravitate towards heavy pressure and lots of punches (Muay Mat), while others are known for fighting a little more on the outside while landing heavy kicks (Muay Tae). Of all the various styles to be found on the Muay Thai mats, there is always one style that is held with the utmost regard and respect, and that is the Muay Femur style. 

The Muay Femur style is unique in that these fighters have, essentially, mastered it all. These fighters are known for their high fight I.Q. and the ability to move between various styles of execution as needed. They are the thinkers and some of the best counter fighters. They are certainly the most cerebral of all fighters and make for some thrilling Muay Thai fights. Here are four reasons why the Muay Femur style is the most respected in Muay Thai.


1) It Is Cerebral

This style is known for being cerebral in nature. Muay Femur fighters are the thinkers of the Muay Thai world. These are not the fighters who tend to rush in or utilize constant pressure on their opponent. They are the fighters who wait, consider the best options, then execute based on the particular fighter they are up against. Their style might change a little from fight to fight because they like to read their opponent and respond accordingly. 

Muay Femur fighters are often considered to be fighters who have a really high fight I.Q. They have spent a lot of time learning the sport, and are able to comprehend and understand Muay Thai at a high level. As such, they are the chess players of the sport, making precise and well-considered decisions regarding the use of their skills, strikes, and movements. They don’t move or strike in vain. They think, plan, and execute. 

If you want to watch the thinkers of the sport, Muay Femurs will give you just that. 


2) They Utilize All 8 Limbs

Because Muay Femur fighters are cerebral, they tend to access and utilize their 8 strikes more than some of the other styles. Many other styles are based around a particular strike that the fighter enjoys and is highly skilled at using (like heavy knees or punches). Muay Femur fighters will utilize the strike that best suits their needs at any given moment. These fighters might switch from long-range kicks to elbows if they believe that the elbows will be more effective. They never stay committed to a single type of strike or pressure. 

Muay Femur fighters are extremely exciting to watch because they don’t stick to a single plan. They utilize all their strikes and leave spectators excited to see the masterful game they play in the center of the ring as they pick apart their opponents. 

If you are looking to watch fighters who have a masterful grasp of all 8 limbs in the sport, Muay Femur fighters will certainly deliver. 


3) They Are Great Counter Fighters

Muay Femurs are typically excellent counter fighters. They like to utilize the openings created by their opponent to land powerful and well-placed and well-timed strikes. They don’t often throw strikes for the sake of throwing strikes, but rather, they tend to throw strikes that they know will land and cause significant effects. They are well-considered strikes, and never wasted. 

This counter-fighting style is exciting to watch. Every time you think they are about to get hit, Muay Femur fighters manage to evade the strikes while landing their own – often unexpected – strikes at their opponent instead. They are good at seeing the openings, no matter how small, and are excellent at taking advantage of them.

If you want to learn how to be an excellent counter fighter, as well as how to use counter fighting to your advantage, look no further than the Muay Femur fighters of the sport. 


4) They Are Patient

Muay Femurs are patient. These fighters are not typically brash in their movements, nor do they often rush in and pressure their opponent (though they will when necessary). The patient style that Muay Femur fighters tend to display helps them minimize risk in the ring. They don’t take unnecessary risks, but rather wait, plan, and time their strikes to their advantage. 

This patient nature makes for thrilling matches, as it will appear they are simply waiting while they are actually plotting for, then executing, some incredible strikes that seem to come out of nowhere. 

In an often aggressive sport, the patient nature of Muay Femurs does not go unnoticed. It is very different than many of the other styles that like to throw bunches of heavy strikes from a close range, often absorbing some damage in the process. Instead, it consists of minimizing the risk while then executing some of the most impeccably placed strikes imaginable. 

If you are needing to add some patience to your game, be sure to watch and learn from some of the best Muay Femurs in the game. 


Muay Femurs Are Highly Respected

Because of the nature of fighting that Muay Femurs display, this style is one of the most highly regarded styles in the sport. These fighters are known and respected for their high fight I.Q. and deep understanding and application of the sport. They are well regarded as some of the highest-level Muay Thai practitioners and are some of the most exciting fighters to watch and learn from. If you are looking to gain insight from some of the most highly respected fighters in the game, be sure to add some Muay Femur fighters to your list. You won’t be disappointed! 


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