5 Triangle Lock Variations

The triangle lock is one of the most effective submissions in BJJ.  It is a very versatile submission that can be applied from a wide range of positions.  In this video, BJJ champion Almiro Barros teaches five of his favourite variations on the triangle lock.

Counter Choke From Kimura

On the higher levels of BJJ, in order to secure a submission often requires a number of transitions.  It is hard to finish an opponent with strong defense on your first attack.  You have to be able to quickly move to a second, third, or even fourth attack.  In this…

Choke From North South Position – Arm Trap

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there are a wide range of choke holds that can be used to secure a submission and finish a fight. Depending upon which position you are attacking from, there are specific chokes that can be applied. In this video, you will learn a choke from the north…

Defend Double Underhook Pass To Triangle Lock

Developing a strong guard is one of the key skills every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner must work towards. If an opponent is able to secure the top position, you must have a strong enough guard to prevent them from passing into side control or mount. In this video, you will learn…

Taking The Back From Guard With Gi Grips

There are many inventive ways to manipulate the BJJ uniform in order to control your opponent and create submission opportunities. In this video, BJJ World Silver Medalist Almiro Barros demonstrates how to use the gi to control the opponent’s posture from guard to take the back.