8 Most Memorable Spinning Back Knockouts In MMA

Spinning attacks are some of the most exciting techniques used in mixed martial arts. There is more to these techniques than flash, though. Spinning your body while throwing a strike increases the force the attack lands with. The spin also makes it harder for an opponent to block or counter your strike since it hides the attack’s angle. 

This article will explore some of the most memorable spinning back finishes in mixed martial arts history. 


The Top Spinning Back Knockouts In MMA History

Time to dive into our list of the most memorable spinning attack finishes in mixed martial arts history:


1) Yukinori Ogasawara vs. Rui Botelho

Ogasawara made history when he faced off against Botelho. Botelho was a European kickboxing champion coming into the contest, and he was able to counter Ogasawara’s reach advantage. That caught Ogasawara off guard as he struggled with Botelho’s aggression. 

Botelho enjoyed the same success in the second round, but Ogasawara had a trick up his sleeve. He used Botelho’s aggression against him, catching him off guard with a spinning back elbow that brought the fight to an abrupt end. 


2) Shonie Carter vs. Matt Serra

Serra got off to an excellent start during his first fight against Shonie Carter. A decorated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, Serra held his own against Carter while standing and dominated the grappling exchanges. He clearly won the first and second rounds of their fight, and he was on his way to winning the third round before Carter caught him with a herkie-jerky spinning back fist that forced the referee to stop the contest. It remains one of the most memorable spinning finishes in mixed martial arts history. 


3) David Loiseau vs. Charles McCarthy

A teammate of Georges St. Pierre, Loiseau was the first French Canadian to be signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He was one of the top middleweights during the Rich Franklin era. 

On his way to earning a title shot against Franklin, Loiseau faced off with McCarthy and delivered one of the most devastating spinning attacks to the body in MMA history. It was a perfectly timed spinning back kick that sent McCarthy falling over on the cage. Loiseau followed up with some ground-and-pound, bringing the contest to an end. He went on to lose to Rich Franklin when the two squared off for the UFC’s middleweight belt.


4) Uriah Hall vs. Gegard Mousasi

Coming into his fight against Mousasi, Hall was already known for his devastating spinning attacks. He became a favorite on the Ultimate Fighter reality TV series when he finished his first opponent with a spinning heel kick.

Hall ended up not living up to the hype when he lost to Kelvin Gastelum during the finale of the TV show, and he alternated wins and losses in the UFC. Most people didn’t think he had much of a chance against the more decorated Mousasi. 

Uriah used the opportunity to remind everyone of how talented he is as a striker. He brought the contest to an abrupt end with a spinning back kick that was executed to perfection. The kick initially looked like it was going to Mousasi’s body, which forced him to drop his guard, but he changed levels midway through the move and connected with Mousasi’s head. 

Hall followed up with a knee and barrage of punches that forced the referee to step in and save Mousasi. It remains one of the biggest wins of his career.


5) Burn Soriano vs. Mario Satya Wirawan

Coming into this contest, Wirawan already had a six-second knockout victory under his belt, but it was Soriano who shocked fans with a spectacular knockout 15 seconds into the contest. Wirawan pushed the pace when the opening bell rang, but that put him in range for what was about to follow. 

Soriano uncorked a devastating spinning back fist as Wirawan closed the distance, bringing their contest to an early end. 


6) Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold

Vitor Belfort was one of the scariest fighters in the UFC during his prime and fans got an opportunity to see what prime Vitor looked like when testosterone replacement therapy was briefly allowed. TRT Belfort was born, and he racked up some pretty impressive finishes against the likes of Michael Bisping. 

Luke Rockhold came into the UFC as the reining Strikeforce middleweight champion, and he was the favorite heading into their contest. Eager to stop the Rockhold hype train, Belfort pulled off one of the most impressive finishes of his career, knocking Rockhold out with a devastating spinning back kick. Vitor was eventually forced to get off TRT when the UFC signed a contract with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. 


7) Uriah Hall vs. Adam Cella

This was the fight that put Uriah Hall on the radar of many MMA fans. He pulled off what remains one of the most memorable finishes in the history of the Ultimate Fighter reality TV series. People even started comparing Hall to the legendary Anderson Silva after this finish. 

It was a routine TUF qualification fight, but Hall uncorked one of the most devastating spinning back kicks in MMA history. Cella was motionless on the ground minutes after the finish. Even Hall was visibly shaken, watching Cella remain motionless on the canvas for minutes. Cella eventually regained consciousness, and the crowd collectively sighed in relief. 


8) Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim

Edson Barboza is one of the most skilled strikers in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and his kicking techniques are a thing of beauty. They are lightning-fast, precise, and extremely powerful. He also sets them up well by mixing up his strikes. Barboza is a taekwondo black belt who also trains in Muay Thai. 

Etim found out just how good Barboza’s kicks were when the two faced off at UFC 142. It was a slow-paced fight until Barboza threw arguably the most beautiful spinning back kick in mixed martial arts history. The kick was so fast that Etim never had a chance to defend against it. He was unconscious before his body even hit the canvas.


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