WATCH: Nong-O Gaiyanghadao’s Top 5 Greatest Knockouts

WATCH: Nong-O Gaiyanghadao’s Top 5 Greatest Knockouts
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Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is a well-known Muay Thai striker with championships across seven Muay Thai divisions. His heavy hands tend to land his opponents down on their backs, and often he ends the fights with well-placed knockouts. With over 300 fights behind him, he is a well-experienced fighter the world loves to watch. 

Here are five of Nong-O Gaiyanghadao’s best knockouts that you need to check out and watch. 


1) Nong-O Vs Saemapetch Fairtex (ONE: EDGE OF GREATNESS)

This action-packed match, with the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Championship on the line, highlighted incredible striking blended with patience from both athletes. Striking was a solid mix of both punches and kicks, with impressive defenses shown by both. 

Nearing the end of round two, Nong-O capitalized on closing the distance, landing close-range strikes, and eventually knocking Fairtex down. Upon rising, he again quickly closed the distance, pushed him into the corner, and knocked Fairtex down yet again right at the bell. 

Round three started with heavy strikes from Fairtex, looking to gain control of the match. After landing a solid strike, Fairtex dropped Nong-O to his knee. He quickly popped back up and resumed the match, looking for the knockout. This round was one of the more exciting rounds, with great offense and defense played by both athletes.

The beginning of round four was quickly in Nong-O’s favor as a leg kick resulted in a clean sweep of Fairtex to the ground. After a heavy exchange of body kicks from both athletes, Nong-O eventually capitalized on a heavy straight right hand, knocking out his opponent to finish the match. 


2) Nong-O Vs Felipe Lobo (ONE: X)

Nong-O put his belt on the line for this beautiful and thrilling match. Both athletes showed incredible composure, with heavy counters thrown in bunches. Rapid-fire combos of hands and feet were thrown by both competitors, making this a fast-paced match. 

Round three seemed to escalate the already fast-paced exchanges between these two athletes. Nong-O landed some solid head kicks and quick counter strikes as Lobo tried to find his shots. Nong-O’s shots straight up the middle began landing with high success during this round, as well. 

Nong-O dominated the center of the ring for most of the match, keeping Lobo on his heels until he finally worked into a close range, landing a solid uppercut that landed Lobo on his back and finished the match. This highlight reel match and knockout is one for every Muay Thai enthusiast to watch. 



This incredible match was full of high-level fighting from both athletes. Nong-O began round one working to shut down Rodlek’s heavy punches and getting him on his heels. His combinations working from hands to feet and back to hands again kept Rodlek off balance, working to find an opening to return strikes. 

Nong-O’s low kicks began to slow Rodlek down, and as Rodlek’s guard began to lower, Nong-O capitalized on heavy punches up the middle. Rodlek continued by pursuing and pushing forward towards Nong-O, but with the heavy strikes that had already landed, his balance began to be a little bit forward-heavy. 

Nong-O patiently stayed out of range and capitalized on the forward-leaning balance with a powerful jab-cross combination that immediately knocked Rodlek to the ground. Nong-O retained his belt with this incredible win (and exciting match) over Rodlek.


4) Nong-O Vs Kiatpetch Suanaharnpikmai (New Lumpinee Stadium, 25 November 2014)

This match is packed and full of incredible offense, defense, and a wide variety of strikes from both opponents. Nong-O showed a lot of patience during this match, waiting to capitalize and take advantage of Kiapetch’s strikes. Nong-O displays his powerful kicking game throughout the match, landing many significant strikes to the body and head of his opponent. 

In round three, the two engaged in the clinch a number of times, with Nong-O utilizing the clinch to knock Kiatpetch to the ground. This round was fought at a much closer range than the previous two, with the clinch leading to significant knees, elbows, and heavy punches from Nong-O.

After pulling away from the clinch in round three with an elbow landing to Kiapetch, Nong-O uses Kiapetch’s stalking movement towards him, as well as Kiapetch’s loose, extended guard to take advantage of landing a clean, powerful uppercut, knocking Kiapetch out and snatching the victory of this match. 


5) Nong-O Vs Leonard Nganga (Hilux Vigo Championship, 26 September 2014)

This exciting match between Nong-O and Nganga was full of some incredible Muay Thai from both opponents. After the initial round, however, Nong-O really started to show his domination of the ring. 

Nong-O managed to stalk down his opponent on numerous occasions during this match, pinning Nganga into the corner and landing heavy strikes in bunches. Nganga quickly found himself spending a great deal of the match defending himself from an onslaught of strikes and attempting to remove himself from the corner.

Each time Nganga pulled himself out of the corner, Nong-O used patience to corner him back off, dominate with strikes, and force him back to the corner. Nganga worked out of the corner into an excellent sweep, knocking Nong-O to the mat, but was met yet again, with a dominant Nong-O.

This match finished up in exactly the same way most of the match was spent – with Nong-O raining down heavy strikes on Nganga while he was pinned in the corner of the ring. Ending the match with body shots, an elbow, and a couple of kicks, Nganga finally dropped to the ground, giving Nong-O the KO. 


Nong-O’s Knockouts Are All Highlight Reels

Nong-O’s knockouts are all patiently set up and strongly delivered. Furthermore, Nong-O is always quick to deliver respect to his opponents and their coaches. This combination of power, technical set-ups, patient fighting, respect for others, and support have led Nong-O to become a well-loved and a huge fan favorite. If you are hoping to learn how to set up some of the most incredible knockouts, be sure to check out these five matches. 


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