WATCH: Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks (Fight Breakdown)

Boxing Tuesday

In possibly one of the most dominating boxing matches of all time, Mike Tyson took on the lineal heavyweight champion, Michael Spinks. With a record of 31-0 and 21 wins by KO, it seemed that Spinks was destined to win.

However, it would take more than a storied career to stop Mike Tyson. The press conferences leading up to the fight presented a very angry Mike Tyson, out for blood. In 91 seconds, the biggest heavyweight fight of all time was over.

In this video, WBA Boxing World Champion Yodsanan Sityodtong demonstrates Mike Tyson’s winning KO combination. After setting up with a powerful left uppercut followed by a right hook to the body, the right hook is able to drop Spinks, but isn’t enough. Spinks is able to recover, but not for long. Tyson throws a left hook and a right uppercut, landing on Spinks’ jaw and ending the fight.

This fight was a true example of Tyson’s prowess in the ring. Known for his aggression and speed, he was finally able to prove to the world what he was capable of.

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