5 Ways To Increase The Speed Of Your Punches

Whether it’s dodging strikes or landing enough attacks to cause great damage to an opponent, speed is something that all martial artists should work on in order to stay on top of their game, especially in striking martial arts such as Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA.

While it’s true that speed comes naturally to some fighters, it’s actually possible for anyone to develop a faster punching speed! Are you ready to develop your hand speed and take your punching to the next level?

Today, Evolve University is pleased to share five ways to double your punching speed:


1) Make Sure You Nail Down The Technique

First things first – in order to punch effectively, you have to get the technique right! This is because your ultimate goal is to land fast, solid punches. However, if you’re not executing with the right technique, you could be punching at the speed of light and still not perform well. Before working on punching speed, you must ensure that you’ve mastered the technique.  It is important to get the basics perfected as that would mean you have a good foundation which you can build on before moving on.


2) Shadow Box With Hand Weights

Once you get your technique right, try shadowboxing with light hand weights (1 or 2 pounds each) to improve your speed. You’ll find it more difficult to punch with hand weights. That is why it is good to do so in front of a mirror, especially when you’re starting to shadow box with weights – so you can ensure that you’re maintaining proper form as you punch.

Apart from your form, you should pay attention to your punching technique and keep those punches quick (at your maximum speed) and combinations smooth. When you try shadowboxing without weights, after using them, you’ll find that it’s easier to execute your combinations at a faster speed.

Besides helping you get faster, shadowboxing with weights would also build your arm and shoulder strength. Talk about a win-win situation!


3) Relax, And Breathe To The Rhythm Of Your Punches

Breathing (or rather, forgetting to do so) is one of the common punching mistakes that people make. But when you tense up and hold your breath as you punch, you wouldn’t be able to punch at your maximum speed.

It helps to exhale and breathe to the rhythm of your punches, so focus on breathing quickly with your combinations. Also, make it a point to keep your shoulders loose so as to stay relaxed and punch at a faster rate!


4) Drill With A Speed Bag And Double-End bag 

The speed bag will improve your hand-eye coordination more than your hand speed. But before you write it off, understand that it’s still useful and plays a part in increasing your punching speed. This is because it helps your coordination, and teaches you to always keep your hands up.

What’s more, once you’re able to quickly spot the target and register it, you’ll definitely be able to react swiftly and hit it.

Another way to train and improve your reflexes is to use a double-end bag. Because it moves extremely quickly, you’d learn to stay focused and time your punches well, so as to hit it as accurately and quickly as you can.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see significant improvement in your punching speed as well as accuracy.


5) Stay Disciplined And Keep Practicing

drian-boxing heavybag drills

As the saying goes: “There is no shortcut to success, if you want to do well, you have to be willing to work hard and stay focused.”

Note that it is important to stay dedicated and keep drilling regularly if you want to up your game. It’s not just the punching that matters – there’s also footwork, head movements and defense to work on.

Now that you know how you can develop your punching speed, are you going to work on it? All of us at Evolve MMA believe that you’re capable of delivering bunches of swift punches – so go forth and train!

Psst! After getting the speed aspect nailed down, you might be interested in doubling your punching power as well!


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