Arm Triangle From Top Half Guard

From the top position in MMA, the objective is to mix in ground and pound attacks with submissions. From inside the opponent’s half guard, there are a number of highly effective submission attacks that can be used. In this video, UFC Lightweight World Champion Rafael dos Anjos teaches an arm triangle…

Knee Lock From Top Half Guard

From the top half guard position, you can work to pass for a more dominant position. There are also submissions that you can attack for from top half guard. In this video, BJJ World Champion Leandro Ataides teaches a knee lock from the top half guard position.

Taking The Back From Top Half Guard

The first objective from the top position is to pass the opponent’s guard into a dominant position. From top half guard you can advance to side control, mount, or back control. In this video, BJJ Champion Almiro Barros teaches how to take the back from top half guard.