How To Catch A Kick And Sweep

You catch an opponent’s kick by sidestepping away from the kick so that it has minimal impact, then step towards your opponent to spin him/her around. Push your opponent’s neck or chest to off balance him. Then sweep his feet out from underneath him. In this video Petchboonchu FA Group…

3 Muay Thai Sweeps With Saenchai

Saenchai is widely considered to be one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in history.  In this video, Saenchai teaches 3 of his favourite Muay Thai sweeps.

Sweep From Open Guard To Side Control

From the open guard positon there are a number of sweeps and attacks that can be utlized from bottom. By using a sweep, you can secure a dominant position on the opponent. In this video, BJJ Champion Almiro Barros teaches a sweep from the open guard position.