WATCH: Achanai Petchyindeeacademy vs Thanadet Thor Pran 49 (Fight Breakdown)

Muay Thai Tuesday

Currently on the Petchyindee Academy’s roster of superstars, Achanai is certainly regarded as one of Muay Thai’s most talked about superstars today. In this video, he lands a beautiful left elbow that sends his opponent wobbling. As if by reflex, he quickly executes a cross uppercut combination that knocks his opponent out cold.

Combining boxing combinations with Muay Thai is undoubtedly effective, as seen in this video. The cross and uppercut combination is particularly lethal, as the uppercut can easily ram through a nak muay’s high guard.

This fight breakdown as demonstrated by multiple-time Muay Thai World champion Penaek Sitnumnoi, is a perfect example of how timing plays a huge role in disarming your opponent. This not only gives you the opportunity to set up a knockout punch, but also tests your reflexes and boxing instincts.

As this is a relatively basic Muay Thai combination, you can easily practice this on your own using the heavy bag. When you’ve perfected the moves, you can most certainly use it in your next sparring session.

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