Top 10 Unforgettable Boxing Uppercut Knockouts To Study

Top 10 Unforgettable Boxing Uppercut Knockouts To Study
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We explore some of the most unforgettable uppercut finishes in boxing history. From Ali to Tyson, these knockouts left us jaw-dropped and speechless.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten uppercut knockouts in boxing history.


The 10 Most Unforgettable Uppercut Finishes In Boxing History

Here are the most impressive uppercut knockouts in boxing history:


1) Mike Tyson Vs. Michael Spinks

First up is Mike Tyson’s knockout of Michael Spinks. This 1988 bout was billed as “The Battle of The Titans” and lived up to the hype. Tyson came in with a 35-0 pro boxing record, while Spinks sported a 31-0 record. Tyson pushed the pace from the opening round and delivered a devastating uppercut that sent Spinks crashing to the canvas. It ended Spinks’ perfect record, and that was the last time he laced up his boxing gloves


2) Rocky Marciano Vs. Joe Louis

We couldn’t leave out Rocky Marciano’s 1951 knockout of Joe Louis. In this bout, Marciano delivered a crushing uppercut in the eighth round that sent Louis crashing to the canvas. The knockout was so ferocious that it is considered one of the most brutal in boxing history!


3) Roy Jones Jr. Vs. Vinnie Pazienza

Another unforgettable uppercut knockout comes from Roy Jones Jr.’s 1995 bout with Vinnie Pazienza. In this fight, Jones delivered a crushing uppercut in the sixth round that sent Pazienza crashing to the canvas. 


4) Gerry Cooney Vs. Ken Norton

We couldn’t leave out Gerry Cooney’s 1981 knockout of Ken Norton. In this bout, Cooney delivered a crushing uppercut in the thirteenth round that sent Norton crashing to the canvas. Ken Norton retired shortly after due to the insane amount of damage he took during the fight. 


5) George Foreman Vs. Joe Frazier

George Foreman’s 1973 knockout of Joe Frazier was a thing of beauty. Foreman sent Frazier to the canvas six times during the bout, finishing him off with a swift uppercut in the second round that sent Frazier crashing to the canvas. The uppercut was so brutal that it lifted Frazier off the canvas. 


6) Earnie Shavers Vs. Jimmy Ellis

We couldn’t leave out Earnie Shavers’ 1973 knockout of Jimmy Ellis. Ellis was the aggressor during the opening moments of this bout, staggering Shavers a few times. Shavers withstood the barrage, and he delivered a devastating uppercut that sent Ellis to the canvas before the first round came to an end. The uppercut was just as memorable as the comeback. 


7) Ray Mercer Vs. Francesco Damiani

Ray Mercer’s 1989 knockout of Francesco Damiani was as memorable as it gets. This bout was a back-and-forth affair, with both men landing some big shots. In the end, it was Mercer’s uppercut that did the most damage, sending Damiani crashing to the canvas in the ninth round. The uppercut landed with so much force that it broke Damiani’s nose, sending blood gushing through his nostrils. 


8) Juan Manuel Marquez Vs. Juan Diaz 

Juan Manuel Marquez’s 2009 knockout of Juan Diaz was one of the most brutal in boxing history. The bout, for the WBO, IBO, and WBA lightweight titles, was a back-and-forth affair, with both men landing some big shots. 

Marquez seemed to have the technical advantage, though, peppering Diaz with jabs and uppercuts. 

In the ninth round, one of those uppercuts eventually sent Diaz crashing to the canvas. It was a gruesome sight but an unforgettable finish nonetheless!


9) Manny Pacquiao Vs. Narongrit Pirang (Fahsan 3K Battery)

These two squared off early in Pacquiao’s career, and it ended up giving Pacquaio a chance to showcase his impressive knockout power. The two collided in 2004 when Pacquiao when back to his native Philippines to face Pirang, aka Fahsan 3K Battery. 

Pacquiao dominated the action from the opening bell, sending Pirang to the canvas one in the second and third rounds. He followed that up by dropping Pirang twice in the fourth round, putting him away with a well-hidden uppercut that lifted Pirang off the canvas to the delight of the mostly Filipino fans in the audience. 


10) Gervonta Davis Vs. Leo Santa Cruz

Davis scored one of the most impressive wins of his career when he faced off against Santa Cruz on Halloween. At the time, it was one of the biggest tests in Davis’ career, but he passed with flying colors. 

The fight was entertaining from start to finish, but Davis turned up the intensity in the sixth round. He corned Santa Cruz against the ropes and unleashed a frightening uppercut that left Santa Cruz unconscious before he even hit the ground. It was the first time Santa Cruz had ever been stopped in his decorated boxing career. 


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