Shinya Aoki’s 3 Secret Tips To Finishing Any Flying Submission

It’s safe to say that ONE Lightweight Champion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo black belt Shinya Aoki knows a thing or two about flying submissions. After all, he isn’t called Tōbikan Jūdan (The Grand Master of Flying Submissions) for nothing. Over 38 wins with 25 wins via submission, Shinya has become feared because of his deadly trademark submission game.

In this video, Shinya Aoki shows 3 of his favorite flying submissions: the armbar, triangle and kneebar.

In order to execute any flying submission, Shinya reveals 3 secret tips:

1) Speed and agility

When pulling off a flying submission, you must be able to do it quickly. The minute you trap your opponent’s arm as you get into position, you must fully commit to the submission and use a combination of momentum and speed in order to finish it.

 2) Confidence in your technique

Executing a flying submission is almost impossible if you do not have any confidence in your technique. In fact, many BJJ professors prefer that you hold the rank of blue belt or higher before you attempt any flying submissions.

 3) Anticipation

As with all BJJ techniques, you must anticipate your opponent’s reaction before performing any moves. If you feel like he is strong in your clinch and know that he can escape, you should probably try something else. 

There is no doubt that Shinya Aoki is one of the greatest submission artists in MMA today. With his technical prowess and killer instinct, his submissions are possibly the deadliest in the sport.