Here’s How You Set Up A Takedown For MMA

In the sport of MMA, the element of surprise is essential. Catching your opponent off-guard ensures that executing your next move shouldn’t be an issue. This is because any experienced fighter can probably anticipate what you’re going to do next and make you pay for it if you aren’t careful.

In this video, ONE Championship Superstar Mark Striegl reveals 5 Effective Set-Ups For Takedowns in MMA. According to Mark, remembering the following tips will make setting up your takedowns more effective:

1) Mix it up – Anticipate your opponent’s next move. You can confuse him by shooting for a takedown by setting up with a strike or posturing up to strike after shooting for a takedown.

2) Set up with strikes – Don’t blindly shoot for a takedown, you’re just telegraphing your next move.

3) Wait for your opponent to over commit – Go underneath your opponent’s strikes and go for the takedown, using his momentum against him.

Remember, no matter how great your takedowns are, if you don’t set them up properly, your opponent could easily counter your next move, which could nullify your game plan!

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