Here’s How To Knock Someone Out — RDA Style!

Rafael Dos Anjos from the Evolve Fight Team overcame all odds and stunned the world once again with his near flawless performance against Anthony Pettis to capture the UFC Lightweight Title. Dos Anjos dominated Pettis in every aspect of the game, cementing his place in the upper ranks of the world’s best pound-for-pound fighters.

UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos

In this video, UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos shows one of his favorite striking combinations in MMA. Dos Anjos uses this crazy combination to capitalize on an opponent’s misled expectation of a double leg takedown and land a devastating knockout blow.

Here’s a breakdown of the combination:
Adopting a southpaw stance, Dos Anjos begins this combination with a superman punch. He then lifts his left leg forward into the air and kicks it straight back as he drives the left punch forward towards the head of his opponent.

Tip: It is critical that you kick the left leg back hard in order to create the necessary torque and power for an effective superman punch.

Next, without bringing his left leg back to the ground, Dos Anjos swings the left leg back forward and jumps into the air. Once in the air, Dos Anjos swings his left leg back down again, launching his right knee straight upward in a scissor like fashion to deliver the flying knee strike.

Tip: Always use the opposite leg to land and to get back into stance.

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