Here’s How To Get A Kneebar From The Open Guard

A well-executed kneebar is one of the most effective and devastating submissions around. However, securing a good kneebar from any position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is never an easy task.

In this video, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Champion and Black Belt Gamal Hassan from the Evolve Fight Team teaches us how to execute a kneebar submission from the open guard position.

Here is a quick breakdown of the technique:

1) Begin underneath your opponent in the open guard position. With one hand control the sleeve and with the other hand, grip the ankle.

2) Bring the arm inside and hug your opponent’s leg tight against your shoulder.

3) Pass the sleeve to your other hand.

4) Now begin to raise your hips into the air as you swing your leg around.

5) Continue to rotate until your leg reaches around and your foot hooks on top of your opponent’s opposite thigh.

6) Now drive your opponent down to the mat and roll to the side.

7) Finish by gripping your opponent’s heel as you squeeze your knees together and extend your hips.

Remember, applying too much pressure when practicing a joint lock like the kneebar can be dangerous. So make sure you practice the technique lightly and slowly with a partner to perfect it before ever using it on the mats during training.