Here’s How To Get A Kneebar From Inverted Half Guard

A well-executed kneebar is one of the most effective and devastating submissions around. However, securing a good knee bar from any position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is never an easy task.

In this video, ONE Championship fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Silver Medalist Marcos Ratinho teaches us a kneebar submission from the inverted half guard position.

Here is a quick breakdown of the technique:

1) Begin on top of your opponent in the half guard position.

2) Your opponent will defend by securing the underhook. Switch your hips so that you are now on the opposite side of your opponent in the inverted half guard position.

3) Your opponent will defend the legs by locking the triangle. Slide one arm under the leg and grip the opposite thigh.

4) With the other hand, reach over the top and grip the opponent’s leg.

5) Now, release your grip on the thigh and move to grip the opponent’s heel.

6) Use your grip to slide the opponent’s leg free from the triangle and fall back to straighten the leg.

7) Now, pass the leg under your armpit and lean back as you arch your hips forward to secure the kneebar submission.

Remember, applying too much pressure when practicing a joint lock like the kneebar can be dangerous; so make sure you practice the technique lightly and slowly with a partner to perfect it before ever using it on the mats during training.

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