Here Are The 3 Quickest Ways To Knockout Your Opponent In Muay Thai

Muay Thai Wednesday

When watching Muay Thai, nothing brings the audience to its feet quicker than a knockout. Not only is a well-executed knockout a sight to behold, it also requires technical knowledge and perfect timing.

It’s safe to say that multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke knows a thing or two about knocking out his opponents. In his fight against Rene Catalan at ONE: Warrior’s Way, Dejdamrong was awarded the Yahoo Sports’ MMA Insider Year End Award for Knockout Of The Year. While in the clinch, Dejdamrong delivered a barrage of knees, forcing Catalan to crumble in pain.

In this video, Dejdamrong shows 3 of the quickest ways to knockout your opponent in Muay Thai:

1) Aim for the chin

Dejdamrong sets up with a jab cross combination and then uses an uppercut to deliver the final knockout punch.

Tip: Setting up with a combination can effectively distract your opponent, giving you an opening to knock him out.

2) Aim for the jaw

Dejdamrong starts with a left jab, parrying his opponent’s hand with his right hand. This creates space for him to land an elbow directly on his opponent’s jaw.

Tip: Parrying is one of the best forms of defense. Not only does it allow you to defend against stronger punches, it also helps you deflect your opponent’s punch, off-balancing him so you can effectively counter.

3) Aim behind the ear

Dejdamrong begins with a jab, left hook, cross combination which gives him the opening for a right high kick.

Tip: By maintaining an upright posture, it will be easier to keep your balance as you try to execute a right kick.

Remember, in order to use these techniques in sparring, you must practice them with a partner or on a bag before or after Muay Thai class. The more you improve your technique, the more efficient and effective it will eventually be. It will also help you recover back to your stance quickly and allow you to hit harder and faster with less effort and telegraph.

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