5 Submissions From Back Control With Shinya Aoki

When it comes to grappling or ground fighting, whether it’s in an MMA cage or on the mats, everyone knows that securing an opponent’s back is one of the best spots to be in a match or even a real-life situation. It puts you in one of the safest and most dominant positions on the ground!

However, when you do take the back, what then? What are some of the best submissions you can execute from back control? If you’re currently asking yourself these questions then you’re in for a treat. Because today, ONE Championship Lightweight World Champion and Evolve Fight Team’s Shinya Aoki shows us 5 Submissions From Back Control.

Shinya Aoki is known first and foremost as one of the greatest submission artist in all of MMA. A black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aoki has entertained millions of MMA fans around the world for more than a decade with some of the craziest submissions ever seen in the sport.

Aoki also possesses perhaps the most versatile submission record in MMA today, containing all kinds of locks and holds in a total of 25 submission wins. And the five techniques featured in this video are just some of Aoki’s favorite submissions from the back.

These techniques will require you to be smart, fast, technically competent, and patient in order to execute properly. So be sure to watch every step Aoki takes very closely and don’t miss out on any details. Finally, practice the techniques with a partner in order to perfect them. And before you know it, these submissions will start coming naturally to you whenever the opportunity to use them presents itself!

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