5 Essential Post-Workout Stretches With ONE Championship Superstar Eddie Ng

Post-workout stretching is one of the most overlooked aspects of exercise. At the end of a grueling workout, the last thing most people want to do is to spend another 5-10 minutes to stretch and cool down. And even if they do decide to commit themselves to post-workout stretching, they’d normally end up performing a couple of simple toe touches and chest expansions to get it over and done with.

Stretching aids in resetting your body to its natural position and posture, which eliminates the risk of your muscles being left in a shortened state. Having your muscles remain in a shortened state for a prolonged period of time after exercise will cause them to tighten up and also slow down your ability to develop them. However, it is also important to note that excessive stretching or stretching too quickly would also have an effect on the body similar to that of not stretching at all.

All this makes stretching particularly important for martial artists as it helps them improve flexibility, increase range of motion, build good posture, and ultimately decrease the risk of injury. In this viedo, ONE Superstar Eddie “The Magician” Ng from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates his top 5 favorite post-workout stretches.

Pay attention to the form and speed in which the stretches are performed in this video. Be sure to set aside about 5-10 minutes after each of your workout sessions to perform these stretches. You’ll start to feel and perform better during and after training in no time!