4 Tips For A Powerful Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

4 Tips For A Powerful Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick
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The Muay Thai roundhouse kick is a staple of the sport. Alongside the basic punches, it is often one of the first things you’ll learn when you begin to learn Muay Thai. That being said, it is a kick that you will likely find yourself constantly working to improve. It can always be a little bit better, with better timing, power, and precision.

If you are hoping to improve the power of your Muay Thai roundhouse kick, be sure to try out some of these tips! 


1) Start From A Good Base


If you want to have power in your kick, you will need to start from a good base. Without a good base, you are more susceptible to being swept or knocked back by a heavy strike. Beyond just that, you might even find that as you shift your weight to balance for the kick, you feel like you are falling forward or that you are unstable. A solid base will help to mitigate these risks so you can begin to add power. 


What Does A Good Base Look Like? 

Start with your feet in your typical guarding stance – light on your feet, one foot ahead of the other, and squared up with your hips facing your target. From a good base, you should be easily able to move in any direction without feeling unbalanced. 

Once you’ve established a good, solid base, you will be able to add power to your Muay Thai roundhouse kick without the risk of falling or getting hit while off balance. 


2) Step And Pivot

Stepping and pivoting on your planted foot are vital components to throwing a good, powerful kick. Without both the step and the pivot, you will not be able to propel your kick across your opponent’s body, and you certainly won’t be able to channel as much power as possible. 


How To Step And Pivot:

  • Step your lead foot out at about a 45-degree angle when you are ready to initiate your kick. Stepping your foot to the outside of your opponent’s body will also aid in allowing you to kick powerfully through your opponent. 
  • As you begin to throw your kick, allow yourself to not only lift onto the ball of your foot but to also pivot the foot around to enable your kick to flow freely.
  • As your kick lands and begins to draw back, pivot your foot back into its initial position, landing light on your feet with your good, solid base.

The step and pivot will allow you to fully throw your hips and leg into the kick, generating a more powerful kick. The lack of a pivot will inhibit your power as you will not be able to turn your hips over to land the kick. The next time you get ready to throw your Muay Thai roundhouse kick, be sure to check on your foot and ensure that you have a great pivot.


3) Let Your Arms Flow

Believe it or not, your arms are a key part of throwing a powerful Muay Thai roundhouse kick. When your arms are flowing properly with the kick, you will be able to generate more speed and power. If you are hoping to add more power to your kick, be sure to hone in on what your arms are doing as you throw your kick.


What To Do With Your Arms:

  • As you throw your kick, allow your same side arm to swing down with your kick. You can almost think of it as though you are “reaching” toward your kick. 
  • Pull your opposite side hand in tight to your face for protection. 
  • Be sure not to allow your moving arm to drive backward behind your body. This can inadvertently pull your shoulder back, which will also pull power from your kick since your body will come out of proper alignment for the kick.  

Ensuring that your hands are flowing alongside your kick will give you better balance, enabling you to channel more power throughout the kick, as well. As you continue to practice throwing your Muay Thai roundhouse kick, be sure to pay close attention to where your arms are at and what they are doing. 


4) Drive Through Your Target


Another way to improve the power of your Muay Thai roundhouse kick is to imagine driving the kick through your opponent. Your kick should not stop when it touches the target. If it does, then you are certainly limiting the amount of possible power in your kick. 

The next time you step, pivot, and begin to throw your kick, be sure to think about driving your kick all the way through the target without stopping. You’ll find greater power as you throw your kick with this in mind.


Have A Powerful Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

If you are a Muay Thai practitioner, chances are that you’ve already spent a great deal of time practicing your roundhouse kick. The desire to hone in on the details of your kick so you can throw the kick with the most significant amount of power is likely already in your mind and working towards. Even seasoned Muay Thai athletes will find themselves constantly refining their kicks. 

As you work on your kick, incorporate these details to create the most powerful kick possible:

  • Start your kick from a good base. 
  • Step and pivot your lead foot. 
  • Ensure your arms are flowing and tightening up towards your face at the appropriate times.
  • Visualize driving your kick through your opponent. 

These steps will certainly aid in adding power to your Muay Thai roundhouse kick. The best part is that you can continue to constantly work and refine each of these details. The better you get, the more refining you can do, and as a result, the more powerful your kick will become. 

The next time you step on the mats, be sure to work on these details to improve the power of your kick. 


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