3 Reasons Why It’s Vital To Master Fundamentals In Muay Thai

3 Reasons Why It’s Vital To Master Fundamentals In Muay Thai
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Fundamentals are the foundation on which any martial arts discipline is built. Understanding the basics is tantamount to higher learning. It’s important to gain a firm grasp of the fundamentals in order to develop a solid base for any undertaking.

In complex striking disciplines such as Muay Thai, mastering fundamentals serve as the jump-off point for advanced stages of study. Learning how to properly throw a punch, an elbow or knee strike, or a teep will set you up to learn how to perform spinning heel kicks, flying knees, and sweeps, among others.

New students are sometimes too eager to advance their skill sets. As a result, they often overlook the importance of the fundamental skills they need. This creates bad habits and tendencies that become difficult to correct down the road. In this sense, it is crucial that students build a solid foundation of fundamentals.

Muay Thai is a simple enough martial arts discipline to pick up, which is why it’s accessible to all, regardless of age or gender. But to truly advance in training, you must place great emphasis on learning the basics.

Today, Evolve University shares three reasons why it’s vital to master fundamentals in Muay Thai.


1) Proper form and technique will help you learn Muay Thai faster

While Muay Thai is easily accessible to everyone, mastering the fundamentals will help you learn advanced techniques faster, and in a more efficient manner. Taking the time to learn the basics ensures you have a solid foundation for your Muay Thai journey.

This also makes sure that you don’t develop bad habits and that you can correct any techniques with improper form during training. This will help you prevent problems in the future that will hinder your progression as a Muay Thai practitioner.

More importantly, mastering the fundamentals will unlock the advanced levels of training in the discipline, and will allow you to better adopt advanced techniques with greater understanding.

Everything in any given discipline relies on a solid base of fundamentals. The greatest Muay Thai fighters in history all relied on their most basic skills to put together the most amazing performances in the ring.


2) Fundamental techniques work

In the ring, the most efficient and effective techniques are actually basic techniques that you can rely on to claim victory.

The basic cross, when executed correctly, carries devastating power. The textbook roundhouse kick can cause serious damage when catching an opponent off-guard. Knees in the clinch, push kicks, and elbows are all effective in incapacitating an opponent when used correctly in the right situations. These weapons all have their place in your Muay Thai repertoire.

Furthermore, you can go to these fundamental techniques frequently, and use them in combination with each other to develop a unique style.

In Muay Thai and real-world self-defense, fundamental techniques paired with expert strategy will help you become an efficient fighter, and prepare you for any situation you may encounter in the ring or on the street.


3) Advanced techniques and combinations are rooted in the fundamentals

Before you can leap in the air to throw a flying knee strike, or launch spinning attacks with your fists and elbows, you need to be able to master the fundamentals first and foremost.

When you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of both offense and defense, it becomes easier to string together advanced techniques and combinations while making minimal mistakes.

Perhaps more importantly, mastering fundamentals bakes properly executed techniques into your muscle memory. You’ll know each technique by heart, and you’ll have no hesitation when striking. This will give you a significant speed and timing edge over your opponents.

Through consistent practice, the body stores information on frequently repeated motions. These fundamental techniques then become instinctive, which you can execute without second thought or plan, and allows you to move and fight more intelligently over time.

Baking fundamental techniques into your muscle memory saves you a lot of mental energy, which will allow you to reach your full potential.


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