3 Awesome Sweeps from Muay Thai Legend Saenchai

Mixed Martial Arts Wednesday

One of Muay Thai’s greatest fighters, Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym (formerly Saenchai Sor. Kingstar) is known for his technical prowess. Facing larger, heavier opponents is no problem for Saenchai, relying on his lightning quick reflexes and deep technical knowledge to subdue them.

One of the techniques Saenchai is known for using against these bigger opponents is the sweep. Because of its unpredictable nature, it is very effective because it completely disarms the opponent’s timing and confidence. In this video, Muay Thai legend Saenchai shows 3 Awesome Sweeps you can use to throw your opponent off-balance and score points.

Sweep #1 ( Slide, Catch, Inside Leg Sweep)

In this technique, Saenchai uses the sweep to prevent a body kick. This is considered to be the most basic sweep in Muay Thai.

Sweep #2 ( Catch, Switch Hands, Sweep)

A more advanced version of the first sweep, Saenchai uses the sweep to attack, switching grips in order to get closer to his opponent. This helps him gain leverage to sweep his taller opponent with ease.

Sweep #3 (Block, Sweep)

To counter his opponent’s successive body kicks, Saenchai uses a perfectly timed sweep to destabilize his opponent by kicking through his standing leg. Like with all Muay Thai techniques, you should always anticipate your opponent’s next move and attack accordingly.

Because this is an advanced Muay Thai technique, the sweep requires perfect timing and technical knowledge. In order to add this technique to your arsenal, make an effort to drill with a partner who is equally experienced to ensure safety. When you feel like you’ve mastered the sweep, do try to practice it during sparring to prove you’ve truly learned the moves.

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